Thursday, August 24, 2006


Before going on with my blog, I would like to discuss what I think is the idea behind blogging: that is Writing.

As you may or may not know, History has started since our ancestor caveman decided to sculpt some symbols representing his daily life on the wall of some caves. You can say that all people and, probably, civilizations who lived before that are pre-history. We simply know nothing about them.

What started history was that basic, simple, ridiculous recording of whatever early human considered as important to him. Written language might have passed through many phases before the appearance of Alphabet. But still, some people can look at some cave walls and say: somebody lived here...

It might have taken a long time since people started writing books, philosophy and other sophisticated subjects appeared later...But in the beginning, there was the word.

As Abufares once said: "Words give us the unlimited freedom to soar with the eagles or to fuck with the chickens". Indeed, words have unlimited abilities...
Words are the way to share your experiences with people you have never met, probably many generations after yours. They are the means of spreading human knowledge and the reservoir of all intellectual products. They will enable you to draw a picture of all places you have visited and to trasnfer your feelings to your readers, to let them into your own world.

Still, in the 21st century, many people are living out of reach of history. It may be strange that in the midst of all this communication technology, people know less about each other. The need to express one's self is as urgent as it's always been.

Writing is a way of revealing ourselves to the outer world. It is almost the only way of a long-lasting expression. You may still stand up in a Speakers' Corner and shout as loud as your throat can allow; but as your voice fades away, nobody will be able to hear what you'd just said.

You don't need to be a philosopher or a creative thinker to come up with interesting pieces of writing. You can just, as the early caveman started History, start writing about your own daily life. We all have daily lives that deserve writing about, not least your life.

Everybody likes to see the reflection of his own life experiences written down somewhere. And interestingly, we enjoy reading about our own self, or what resemble it. But yet, if you have a very exotic way of living, be sure that everybody would like to know about it.

Don't wait so much. Go on and let everybody share your ideas and impressions with you. Let them cross the borders of your mortal body and last as long as there's somebody able to read. Start catching the flow of ideas that pass trough your head before they vanish. There maybe someone who'd like to share them with you, or at least the person you would be after ten years.

You have some choices here. You can get a pen and a piece of paper and write down whatever nonsense you're thinking of. You can go into a deep cave in a remote area and hide a treasure trove of knowledge there. And always, you can simply sign-up!

Keep up the good work!


abufares said...

That was one hell of a great post Ascribo.
I'm honored someone actually quoted me. It makes me feel, as you've put it, immortal in some subtle yet delicious way.
I read many blogs, but I particularly like the personal ones. Politics is a dirty game, which for some reason or another, many people seem to enjoy. It's my belief that no matter how sincere the bloggers who write about politics, whether they are from the left or right, whether they are wrong or correct, in the gerenal scheme of things, their main and utmost important achievement is the rising of a few eyebrows for a day, a week, a month! Then What?
A novel or a poem lasts forever, espeially when it's about the little things that make up a life.

abufares said...

I forgtot to mention one point.
Writing about politics is not the same as writing about humanity. The writings of a blogger I greatly admire Chet

can be interpreted politically. But, he has no political ambition. He's a humanist if there ever was one.
So indeed, posting about the suffering of others, the prevailing injustice and the insouciance of the so-called free world from a deeply personal point of view is akin to the great masterpiece "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck. It doesn't get any more personal than this.

Ascribo said...

Thanks abufares for your outstanding comments...

I disgust politics as much as you do. But I think everybody should be able to express his views, his ideas, his concerns, whether it has something to do with politics or not. Of course, for most of us the major concern is not the political agenda of the right or the left, but in a way or another, it affects our daily lives, and we all have the right to discuss, and probably reform, our daily lives...

So I can join you in saying "Stay out of politics"...But I have to say also: Don't make that deprive you from your basic right of expressing yourslef. In short, I would call on everybody to mind their own business...

Angel said...

What an amazing post my knight,
Writing a blog provides a place for freedom of expression my dear Ascribo…
It must be enjoyable to just write about whatever you feel like and share with whoever stops by some tidbits from your life.
As a wonderful way to be creative and to express my feelings…I should start writing :-)
I did listen to your post!!!, your beautiful words kept echoing in my head, and got a pen and piece of paper and started my own nonsense!!? Writing about my self encourages me to emote, reflect and ....soul search….. to explore my deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings with daring and safety at the same time….
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post..
Keep at it my dear…

Ascribo said...

Dear Angel,
Thanks for passing by, I really appreciate that.

I am glad that my post had touched a chord! In a way or another, I intended to do that.

I know you're really creative, and just need something to trigger that. So, just do what you feel like doing!

The Syrian Brit said...

Thank you for dropping in onto my Blog, Ascribo.. and thank you very much for the kind words.. Your words echo loudly the feeling I expressed in my post, and, needless to say, I agree with what you said wholeheartedly.
Having seen your comment on my Blog, I visited your post for the first time today, and I am thrilled to read your clear, genuine, heart-felt observations.
Please keep writng.. It is so refreshing to see a fellow-Syrian writing such delightful posts.. and please keep dropping by!..
p.s. I must admit, I am a bit confused.. are you actually in Syria or are you in the UK?..

Ascribo said...

Dear SyrianBrit,

Thank you for visiting, I really appreciate it.

It's good to know that I you agree with my words. I hope I'll be able write something readable from time to time.

Thanks again for your lovely words.

I love Munich said...

"But in the beginning there was the word" ... how deep, philosophical! Writing is a beautiful means to share ideas, believes, opinions and to deal with others who may or may not pose a challenge.
About politics .. well, the occurences at the main political arenas nowadays do touch the lives of so many people in this or the other way that it is at least for me difficult to step back and let it alone completely! I want to be involved .. as well politically as on humanitarian basis ... in fact - even it may sound strange - it sometimes does even go hand in hand!
You say everybody should mind his/her own business ... in a way this is of course correct - no question .. but an exchange of opinions must be permitted under the condition of respecting the vis-a-vis and vice-versa.
It is like so many things in life .. the right mixture makes a dish tasty, not to bland but not too spicy either! ;)
GREAT POST ascribo - I really like it!

Rami the Merciful said...

Hey Ascribo, it's Rami from U.S! I've been reading your posts and I love them so far. I'm really glad to see that you're expressing yourself so fluidly, and I do commend your sincerity and wise words.

Keep it up and feel free to stop by at my Blog at anytime.

I love Munich said...

Ascribo ... there are news: you've just been tagged! Consider it a warm welcome-gesture ...
(Questions at my blog)

Ascribo said...


When I said we should mind our own business I really meant it. And I truely believe that OUR opinions are OUR business!

What I hate is how some people get this kind of "imported" opinions and start arguing about them (from another person's point of viwe) without them having anything to do with one's own ideas...I detest that!

As for exchanging opinions, you're absolutely right! I am beginning to think that more than half of world's problem can be eased with discussion. Our world is full of prejudice and fixed false-ideas. That's why we all need to express ourselves, and of course, to listen to others telling us about themselves!

Thanks for dropping by...

Ascribo said...

Rami the merciful,

Thank you very much for your visit. I really feel glad when I know that someone is reading my blog. I feel delighted when somebody leaves a comment!

As for Tagging, I will need sometime to know what it means, and to answer the difficult questions!

Thank you all.

I love Munich said...

Ascribo - I wholeheartedly agree to your analysis concerning the "imported opinions" which are mostly superimposed and usually a cover-up for the own cluelessnes and ignorance in regard of a situation or issue. It is in general that only the one who knows what he is talking about and previously studied an issue, should open the mouth and spew his/her wisdom, all others preferably remain either quiet or in the background.
I fully agree to your opinion that more than half of the world's problems could be eased or even solved by getting together and discussing - as EQUALS that is!
To really LISTEN to someone is an art, not everyone is capable of anymore nowadays, something which doesn't make it less important or even crucial!

I appreciate your attitude a lot - had we more on this planet with your views, our "3rd rock" (Mercury, Venus, Earth ...) would be a better place to live on!

Ascribo said...

Thanks Karin,

I truely believe what you said about people speaking out of prejudice (and an arrogant one, I'm afraid). It is a real problem nowadays in spite of all the communication means. We learn about other cultures from Headlines, or from some stupid, impressionist authors/journalists who spent 20 minutes learning about something and want to distribute their "knowledge" to the whole world.

Anyway, I had another conversation recently, this time with a German stuedent! and I learned more about prejudice. Another post is coming soon! Stay tuned...