Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Own Tag to All of You

I've always found it difficult to answer your tags. I think I haven't even answered all of it yet. It annoyed me that I couldn't write my own tag to provoke your imagination and challenge your contemplation. But today, I've faced, rather unintentionally, the most challenging question in my life. I thought I'd better seize the chance, use that question, and tag all of you!

It was some piece of writing I had for a test. The question was this way: "Which of your qualities you would like your child to have, and which of them you do NOT want your child to have?" I started to think it was a little bit selfish to for somebody to fulfill his own desires and correct his own mistakes through his children, but soon I realized that it was a typical Pros and Cons task of writing, and I found myself drawing a table!

Can you now imagine what I had to write on either side of the vertical line? It was MY qualities. In no time, for the first time in my entire life, I had to think what I love and hate about my own self. I felt I was dissecting my personality then classifying my own characteristics, sending these to Heaven and those to Hell. Under the r header were those that I wish to be buried with me, and under the a were those I want to be transferred through to the next generation.

I found it difficult to write an honest auto-critique in 30 minutes, especially if you consider that it was my first time to think about it. But now, You have all the time you need. It's just a one-questioned tag, and I'll be waiting for a sincere answer, an honest Self-criticism!!

"Which of your qualities you want your child to have, and which of them you do NOT want him to have"

My tag is to:

Angel (as a sweet welcome to the world of expressing one's self)
Rami the merciful

...and Everyone!