Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Own Tag to All of You

I've always found it difficult to answer your tags. I think I haven't even answered all of it yet. It annoyed me that I couldn't write my own tag to provoke your imagination and challenge your contemplation. But today, I've faced, rather unintentionally, the most challenging question in my life. I thought I'd better seize the chance, use that question, and tag all of you!

It was some piece of writing I had for a test. The question was this way: "Which of your qualities you would like your child to have, and which of them you do NOT want your child to have?" I started to think it was a little bit selfish to for somebody to fulfill his own desires and correct his own mistakes through his children, but soon I realized that it was a typical Pros and Cons task of writing, and I found myself drawing a table!

Can you now imagine what I had to write on either side of the vertical line? It was MY qualities. In no time, for the first time in my entire life, I had to think what I love and hate about my own self. I felt I was dissecting my personality then classifying my own characteristics, sending these to Heaven and those to Hell. Under the r header were those that I wish to be buried with me, and under the a were those I want to be transferred through to the next generation.

I found it difficult to write an honest auto-critique in 30 minutes, especially if you consider that it was my first time to think about it. But now, You have all the time you need. It's just a one-questioned tag, and I'll be waiting for a sincere answer, an honest Self-criticism!!

"Which of your qualities you want your child to have, and which of them you do NOT want him to have"

My tag is to:

Angel (as a sweet welcome to the world of expressing one's self)
Rami the merciful

...and Everyone!


I love Munich said...

You got me this time ... WOW, what a task! I'll have to give it some serious thought ... and will happily do it!
Thanks a lot!!! :-)

The Syrian Brit said...

I, too, need to think about this one!..
Thanks a bundle, mate!..

Ascribo said...


I'm really curious to know what kind of stuff you'll come up with!

I'm sure it'll be something that me and all of your readers will like...

thanks for passing

Ascribo said...


I'll be waiting to see what you're going to write!

Thank you for calling me Mate! I really miss that word!

abufares said...

You provoked me to write more than I thought possible. When I was through I found out that I only was able to scratch the surface.
Thanks for the tag.

I love Munich said...

I did the tag, finally!! Come ... have a look!

The Syrian Brit said...

Hi Ascribo,
At last, I have managed to reply to your tag.. Better late than never, as they say!.. (http://syrianbrit.blogspot.com/2006/11/soul-searching-reply-to-simple-question.html)
I do hope that I have managed to answer your question!..

Angel said...

Dear Ascribo
Thank you for the provoking tag.I wrote more than i thought I will be able to do! Have a look and please BE CRITIC as much as you can :-)

Ascribo said...

Dear Angel,

I have just seen your long post. I feel happy that I caused you to start blogging and again to start posting!

I'll leave a comment at the right place...

Welcome to bloggers' world!

Ascribo said...


You wrote what is enough. I feel happy that I've provoked you to post after coming back and to reveal that great side of yourself

You're welcome!

Thank you all for replying to my tag, keep up the good work!